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EXPO events: Tuscan things to do in Milan

What: things to do in Milan (FuoriEXPO - outside expo events) When: from Tuesday to Sunday, till November 2, 2015 Where: Chiostro dell’Umanitaria, Via Daverio 7 - 20122 Milan Nearest subway stop: Crocetta (on the yellow line)

Since May 1st, Tuscany has been on showcase in the Italian pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 with a 206 square meters exhibition dedicated to nature and landscape, art and culture, food, innovation and technology. Visitors enjoyed their personal visit through the senses, sight, hearing, touch and smell, and the show inside EXPO ends on May 28. But that doesn't mean that you can no longer experience Tuscany in Milan during the world EXPO, you can still have a taste of the bella vita thanks to the "outside EXPO events"!

[Photo Credits: Stefano Cannas]
[Photo Credits: Stefano Cannas]
Tuscany Region will be in Milan through autumn: Tuscan food producers, artisans, chefs, winemakers and many others will enliven the Chiostri dell’Umanitaria, a beautiful space just 1.5 km from Milan’s Cathedral Square, presenting their best food products, projects and handicrafts until November 2. Why should you attend the collateral Expo events hosted by Tuscany?
  1. the entrance is free;
  2. the location is quirky and it's easy to reach (the nearest subway stop is "Crocetta", yellow line M3);
  3. there are tastings, concerts, cooking shows, activities for kids and workshops;
  4. if you are in Milan but you don't have time to visit our region, this is an excellent way to taste the "under the Tuscan sun" lifestyle;
  5. if you are in Milan and you're going to visit Tuscany, the expo events can give you some ideas for your next trip!
Now, let's see a selection of the upcoming Tuscan things to do in Milan (see you there!):

From May 26 to May 31 - "Apuan White: Massa Carrara at Expo"

Every day:
  • From 10 am to 11 pm "Sea and mountains, clear emotions", display of all traditional products from the province of Massa Carrara.
  • From 10 am to 11 pm: "A material touch", exhibition of works in marble made by artisans and laboratories of Carrara. Curated by Internazionale Marmi Machine.
  • At 1 pm + 7.30 pm: cooking shows.
  • At 8 pm: wine tasting, finger food & more.
TUESDAY, MAY 26 At 12 pm - Preview of the International Dance Festival - 10th Festival Ballet. Special Guest: Luciana Savignano, étoile At 1 pm - Cooking Show: marinated cod from Massa and Torta Erbi pie from Lunigiana At  6:30 pm - Reenactment: The Challenge of Fivizzano. WEDNESDAY, MAY 27 At 1 pm - Cooking Show:  The castagnaccio, cottage cheese and honey of Lunigiana Dop. From 2 pm  to 5pm - FREE e-Bike Tour in Milan. At  7:30 pm - Cooking Show: the Marocca from Casola, lard from Colonnata and honey from Lunigiana. THURSDAY, MAY 28 At 12 pm - Statue Stele between prehistory, myth and mystery. The new Museum of Pontremoli. At 1 pm - Cooking Show:  How to make Testaroli, an unusual fresh pasta from Lunigiana. At  5:30 pm - Meetings and narratives: The Via Francigena and the discovery of Sigerico bread (or bread of the pilgrim). At  6:30 pm - Reenactment: Medievalis and Fighting with swords. At  7:30 pm - Cooking Show: How to make Panigacci. FRIDAY, MAY 29 At 2 pm -The artisans of Borgo di Ponticello, northern Tuscany. At  6:30 pm - Performance: Lunatica, an event that usually takes place in July and August, between marble, art, dance and music At  7:30 pm - Cooking Show: How to make lasagne bastarde of the Lunigiana made from chestnuts flour. SATURDAY, MAY 30 At 12 pm -Preview of Lightness: from marble to the sea. Documentary film by Francesco Fei from a project of Sergio Risaliti and Giovanna Bernardini. At 1 pm - Cooking Show: How to use lard IGP. At  7:30 pm - Cooking Show: the cheeses and pecorino of the Lunigiana. SUNDAY, MAY 31 At 1 pm - Cooking Show: the sweet rice cake of the Apuan Alps. At  5:30 pm - A journey through villages of the Apuan Alps between traditions, culture and gastronomy. At  7:30 pm - Cooking Show: Spongata christmas cake and Buccellato sweet bread. Check out the full programme, here: http://www.ms.camcom.gov.it/i-bianchi-apuani
[Photo Credits: Stefano Cannas]
[Photo Credits: Stefano Cannas]

From June 2 to June 7 - "Maremma and Amiata: unspoilt areas"

From Wednesday 3 to Sunday 8, workshops for (not only) kids:
  • Playing with the Etruscans by the Archaeological Museum of Grosseto.
  • The gold of the Etruscan by the Archeological Museum of Vetulonia.
  • The carnival by the papier mâché masters from Follonica.
TUESDAY, JUNE 2 At 6 pm - Street Art: Dario Vella live performing. At 8 pm - food tasting of the traditional dishes made with donkey milk, with the chef Remo Maestrini (Ristorante "La Vecchia Locanda" a Scarlino). WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3 At 10 am - Food for thought: conference in Italian / English by Maremma.TV and Nomisma. At 9 pm - Dinner with the Sforza: recovery of ancient recipes della Signoria Sforza Mount Amiata. THURSDAY, JUNE 4 At 10 am - The unknown of innovation: the conference in Italian / English by Maremma.TV and Nomisma. At 8 pm - Rediscovery of traditional products of Amiata: tortello Maremma. Tastings by TOP chef Roberto Rossi (Restaurant Silene in Seggiano). FRIDAY, JUNE 5 At 10 am - Mother Nature: Conference in Italian / English by Maremma.TV and Nomisma. At 1 pm - Stories of octopus and wild boars. Tasting of traditional recipes by the Association of Restaurants of Follonica. At 9 pm - Performance of jazz music, a taste of "Gray Cat Festival". SATURDAY, JUNE 6 At 10 am - World Wine Web conference in Italian / English by Maremma.TV and Nomisma. At 8 pm - The ancient recipes of the Etruscans: the meat of the Maremma and the wild pig. Tastings by chefs Barbara Dukes and Ugo Quattrini (Agriturismo Il Melograno in Grosseto). At 9 pm - The music of the Etruscans. Entertainment by Stefano Cocco Cantini and Simona Rafanelli. SUNDAY, JUNE 7 At 10 am - The Rural City: conference in Italian / English by Maremma.TV and Nomisma. At 6 pm - Historical parade of the Palio Marinaro of Monte Argentario. At 8 pm - The fish of the Maremma coast and the Orbetello lagoon. Tasting of traditional dishes by the Association of Restaurateurs of the Silver Coast.
[Photo Credits: Stefano Cannas]
[Photo Credits: Stefano Cannas]

From June 9 to June 14 - The town of Prato

Every day:
  • At 6 pm: cooking shows.
  • At 7 pm: fashion aperitif, every night a brand from Prato has its own clothes, followed by talk show.
TUESDAY, JUNE 9 At 12 pm - Opening Event followed by buffet lunch with traditional products offered by Vetrina Toscana. At  6 pm - Show cooking by Luigi Pocaterra, who presents the flavors of Prato, from the fig to his homemade grappa and wine. At  7 pm - Fashion aperitif with the dresses of Giovanni Masi, the king of vintage. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 10 At 3 pm - Let's get married in Carmignano, Prato. The rolling hills of Tuscany mixed with the elegance of the Villas in Carmignano is the perfect location to celebrate a wedding. At 6 pm - Show cooking: the desserts of Prato, between tradition and innovation. Paolo Sacchetti, Vice President of the Italian Academy of Pastry Chefs, will prepare peaches of Prato and fried biscuits. At 7 pm - Fashion aperitif with the Monobi dresses. THURSDAY, JUNE 11 At 7 pm - The Show cooking the celery of Prato: from tradition to modernity. So many ways to interpret the "poor cooking " of the Tuscan cuisine, with the chef Angiolo Barni. At 8 pm - Wine tasting by the Consorzio Vini di Carmignano. FRIDAY, JUNE 12 At 12 pm - That's Prato: a journey through the beauty of the area. Presentation for bloggers and journalists of the itineraries through Prato followed by a light lunch with local products. At 4 pm - "The gold of Prato", guided tasting of  local extra virgin olive oils. At 6 pm - Show cooking with chef Francesco Lenzi, talking about Mortadella di Prato and black pig. At 8 pm - Wine tasting of the Pancrazi Marquis. SATURDAY, JUNE 13 At 4 pm - [event for kids] The game of goose in Milan at the time of the Datini merchant with Sergio Guastini. SUNDAY, JUNE 14 At 12 pm - A cooking/challenge show: potato tortelli from Tuscany versus Chinese dumplings. Chiostro dei Glicini expo

From June 16 to June 21 - Volterra and the geothermal heart of Tuscany

Every day (except on Tuesday 16):
  • From 11 am to 11 pm: exhibition about Volterra with english texts.
  • From 1 pm: tastings and food workshops.
  • In the afternoon: the craftsmen of Volterra show their skills.
  • From 6 pm: wine bar.
TUESDAY, JUNE 16 At 7 pm - Tasting of craft beers and a Tuscan cheese, Pecorino. At 12 pm - The accordionists of the Conservatory of Milan in concert. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17 At 12 pm - The show cooking with the producers of the food communities. At 1 pm - Buffet with products of Volterra. At 7 pm - Tasting of local wines. THURSDAY 18 JUNE At 4 pm - cooking show: tasting dishes made with Pomarancino lamb, with the chefs of the "Slow Alliance". At 10 pm - Folk songs: musical entertainment in the "Salone degli Affreschi". FRIDAY, JUNE 19 At 12 pm - Historical re-enactments: living nativity scene of Casole, Palio of Castel Del Piano, Palio of Pomarance, flag-wavers from Volterra, etc.). At 8 pm - Jailbird dinner in the "Salone degli Affreschi". SATURDAY, JUNE 20 At 12 pm - Cooking show and tasting of bakery products made with chestnut flour. At 5 and 9 pm - The Miners' of Santa Fiora Choir in concert. At 8 pm - Tasting of craft beers and typical products of Amiata. SUNDAY, JUNE 21 At 12 pm - cooking show for the preparation of bread made from flour of ancient grains. At 3 pm - cooking show for the preparation of the traditional Sienese panforte and cantucci by Paolo Ragghianti pastry shop. At 8 pm - Concert of viols and aperitif with local wines.
The "Sala dagli Affreschi" where it will be held the Jailbird dinner (Cene Galeotte)

From June 23 to June 28 -  Chianti Classico and Gallo Nero Expo

Every day: From 11 am to 11 pm - Taste, see, buy: tasting and selling of the the finest foods and wines of Chianti Classico From 11 am to 12.30 pm and from 5 pm to 6.30 pm - Children's park: A workshop for children to learn how to respect our planet through games. At 6 pm - Very Chianti People: the week of Gallo Nero Milan met the producers of Chianti wine. The winemakers will talk about their products. At 7 pm - Aperitif Gallo Nero. Taglieri (it's a plate or board of cold cuts) and typical dishes prepared by restaurants of the Chianti territory of the Black Rooster, accompanied by Italian wines, music and DJ sets until 11 pm.


Are you planning to visit Expo Milano 2015? Tell us if you'll pay a visit to the Tuscan oasis in the heart of Milan and stay tuned to find out future events! More info: www.expotuscany.it