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Everyone on the hot air balloon!

An adventure for all

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Admiring the magnificent Tuscan landscape from on high, from the sweet form of the Sienese countryside to the first glimpses of the Apennines…this is everyone’s dream.
Ballooning is one of the safest of all aeronautic activities and everyone should be able to partake in it, regardless of physical ability. This is an opportunity to broaden your horizons while keeping safety first.
In Tuscany this dream becomes reality, as even disabled visitors can take advantage of the possibility to fly high above the area with the maximum safety. The hot air balloon has special chairs, and thanks to an access ramp to the basket and a platform for wheelchairs, the balloon becomes a special observation point.
Passengers will enjoy the views of Chianti, from north to south. Flying over Tavernelle, Mensonella, splendid Siena and Montisi is like getting to know a piece of the region’s history.
The possibility of discovering the Tuscan landscape from another perspective is one experience you won’t soon forget. Taking off from land and soaring in the sky will make you feel like an eagle that observes all with a vigilant eye and allows himself to be transported by the wind. Live the moment with romanticism and the spirit of the adventure of the art of flying—it’s an incomparable joy.

Associazione Aerostatica Toscana:
tel (+39) 055 7606816
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The Chianti hills, which resemble a wavy chain, are between the provinces of Florence, Siena and Arezzo and have always epitomized this land, popular since the first person ever set foot here. ...
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