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Scorcio della Val di Chiana

'Divine’ springs in the Val di Chiana

Discover their beneficial effects

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Etruscans linked their religious cults to these ‘divine’ waters. Freezing water falling from the peaks of wooded heights, warm and boiling water gushing from the hills—these waters are a perennial witness of an active and burning subsoil that lies under the nearby Mount Amiata, an ancient volcano whose heart is still beating. The extraordinary effects these waters had on human wellness convinced the Etruscans that they were of divine provenance. These ancient peoples were so convinced that they even built temples near the springs, transforming them into actual places of worship.

Modern science has very clearly explained the chemical processes that give these waters their powers. As a result, the spa establishments in the area have learnt to exploit them in myriad ways, making them as pleasurable as possible. From the poet Horace to the contemporary artists and intellectuals Pirandello, Chagall and Fellini, our spas have been frequented by a great number of people. In this case, the Val di Chiana can boast a tradition and expertise that has lasted more than two thousand years: how many areas can say the same?

Source: APT Siena