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Seguendo le tracce della trachite

Discovering the architectural beauty of volcanic rock

Spotlighting the Maremma’s trachyte buildings

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Visitors to the hamlets of the high Maremma area will be fascinated by the unique geographical characteristics of the region and impressed by the distinctive character of its trachyte buildings. This stone has volcanic origins and was often used for construction and to enhance interior décor. Thanks to its colors and special geo-morphological formations, trachyte gives a hint of elegance to many local buildings, providing them with a unique feel.

Trachyte was used to construct many structures designed for defense, such as city walls and castles. Some prime examples include the Fortress of Sassofortino and the Fortress of Roccastrada. This material was also used to enhance the city centers of various towns such as Roccatederighi and to fortify industrial centers like Torniella’s mill and ironworks. Trachyte structures prove to be authentic architectural, natural and artistic gems that allow visitors to truly appreciate their role throughout the course of the centuries.