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David Rocco in Tuscany

David Rocco One of the good things about being one of the members of Tuscany's social media team is the possibility to meet great people  interested in Tuscany, travel and good life. This week I was talking to my new friend Matt Daniel, I met him thanks to one of our fan pages some months ago, then he came to Tuscany and now he's back home in Seattle. Well, this week he was talking about his trip and then he asked me: "I was at my moms yesterday, and we were watching this cooking show in Florence and I saw someone that looked just like you on the show. Was that you?" No, it was not me. - I replied. But I was curious to know what show was he talking about... and then I discovered David Rocco! Rocco has a show on Cooking Channel but thanks to internet I could watch the trailer. The first season of his show in Tuscany  is so exciting! Watch the video and then tell me what cities do you recognize. Another interesting thing about David Rocco is his description of Italy and Tuscany . In his website he wrote:
I remember the first time I was told I was going to Italy. I fought and I screamed until I cried. Okay, okay!! I was only six years old!! But I sure knew that I didn't want to go to some old country that didn't have ice hockey or baseball or American style football. Of course, when you're six, you really don't have much choice in the matter and lucky for me. My parents had booked a two-month family trip to Italy and I was going and that was that. I was only six, but that trip changed my life forever. I remember being mesmerized by everything I saw: the country, the architecture and mamma mia the food! I was way too young to understand the history behind it all, but boy oh boy!! Since then I get excited whenever I talk about Italy. It has become my passion and my love. I love to share my Italian experiences with my family and my friends whenever I can. I often say to people who go to Italy for the first time to be careful..because, as it did for me, it could change your life forever, and become your addiction, your love, and the place you'll want to return to whenever possible.
I like the last part when he says that a trip to Italy could change your life forever. It has changed mine! Hope you have an incredible time in Tuscany too!