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Dante Alighieri Book Collection for iPad & iPhone

dante2 Oh my god! When I found this app at the iTunes store I thought: "my readers are going to love it!". Ok, I don't know if it is really comfortable to read Dante's poetry while you are on the go but... I am thinking about the fun side of having the text of this Tuscan poet on your phone. Maybe you can impress your friends with Dante's Vision or tell your boss - in a very elegant way - that working with him is like... hell? purgatory? paradise? I bet you are creative enough to use it well and of course if you want you can seriously read it. It's kind of hard reading Dante (I tried the original text in Italian) but the thing is: you can have Dante's books with a click! The app costs $0,99 and it's available in English. dante For further information: go to iTunes store.