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Creativity and Innovation in Tuscany - October 21st/24th

October is the month of the Festival della Creatività, an international appointment to discover what creative people are doing in and outside Tuscany. The festival is a mix of art, design, urbanism, science, architecture, education, new technologies, cinema, music and literature. In previous years the event took place in the Fortezza da Basso, an ex-fortress now used as a congress center, but now it will be in various locations around the city. You may find an exhibition in a museum, a video presentation in the library, a concert in an old prison. The list of events is huge, so take some time to read the program. Every year a country is chosen as the guest of honor of  Festival della Creatività. This year this country is France and there are many France-related events like the exhibition about Felix Nadar, the first man that defended photography as an art. To celebrate 100 years of his death from October 13th there is an exhibition in Museo Marino Marini.

Social Media

To keep update about the latest news of the Festival della Creatività check out: If you want to be a Social Media Reporter for the Festival della Creatività write an email to festivalcreativita@yahoo.it. You must have a computer or a smart phone; you must have also an account in any social media channel (facebook, twitter, flickr, blog....) This is my small list of interesting events:


London Cycling Challenge and the Big Wow!

When: 21/22/23/24 October - 10.00 am / 6.00 pm Where: Palazzo NonFinito In 2010 the Transport of London has promoted two successful campaigns to promote bicycles in the city: "London Cycling Challenge" and "The Big Wow". For further information click here.

Rising Currents projects from New York

When: 21/22/23/24 October - 10.00 am /6.00 pm Where: Largo Annigoni Sea levels will rise due to global warming? MoMa and PS1 Contemporary Art Center presents their projects to protect  the New York, New Jersey and New York Harbor coast. For further information click here.

Musica Colombiana - Vampisoul

When: 21st October - 10.00 am / 6.00 pm Where: Piazza Ghiberti Starting in 2002, Vampisoul is now established as one of the hippest and most respected reissue labels on the planet. New Orleans funk, deep southern R&B, East Harlem boogaloo, Cuban jam sessions, exotic soundtracks, tail-shaking soul, trippy tropical sounds, Peruvian groovers, West African highlife, East European jazz, Nigerian Afrobeat… It’s all here, and much more, in our deep and expanding catalogue. For further information click here.

Technobohemian by John Malkovich, Clothes and Pencil Dreams

When: 21 October - 3.00 pm / 11.59 pm Where: Palazzo NonFinito From Museo Pecci in Prato to the Festival della Creatività, if you have not seen yet the collection of the famous Dandy (do you remember TuscanyArts' article?), this is your chance. For further information click here. Technobohemian by John Malkovich


Basic Virtual Flight Simulation for Kids

When: 22 October - 14.45pm / 15.15pm Where: ITA (Istituto Tecnico Aeronautico) Dreaming of being a pilot? Well, this is the chance to learn everything about flying: from the take off to the landing moment (acrobatic flight included!). Every individual mission will last about thirty minutes. For further information click here.


Il giardino della Mente

When: 21 October - 7.30pm / 11.30 om Where: Loggia del Grano Multimedia performance with images, sounds, artistic interpretation. For further information click here.



Destapa a Buenos Aires

When: 21/22/23/24 October - 10.00 am / 10.30 om Where: Biblioteca delle Oblate Contest Destapa inside of the Inspiration Fest of Buenos Aires. For further information click here. festivaldellacreativita