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Craft beers with a Tuscan taste

Blonde, dark or red?

Did you know that Tuscany is one of the first craft-beer producer in Italy? Beer was part of the daily diet of the Egyptian Pharaohs. It was brought in Italy by the Etruscans 2000 years ago and today is the result of the high-quality local cereals and the creativity of new entrepreneurs. Currently there almost 100 craft beer producers and more than 200 labels made in Tuscany.  Tuscan beer is strongly characterized by the use of local products such chestnuts from Marradi,  Maremma saffron, Garfagnana spelt and honey from the Apennines. Renato Nesi, beer expert and author of the guide "La via della birra Toscana", emphasizes that the quality of Tuscan beers is constantly growing, with peaks of true excellence confirmed by numerous awards in major national and international competitions.

[Photo credits: Birrificio Cajun, Marradi]
[Photo credits: Birrificio Cajun, Marradi]

Tuscan wine or Tuscan beer? Beer and wine can safely walk hand in hand, says Nesi, "It is not a race, there are two parallel tracks: many delicious beers were born in places that are traditionally known  for the production of wine, such as Barolo and Montepulciano". Blonde, dark or red: it has become a must for luxury aperitifs and fine dining in pubs and in sophisticated restaurants. Today is common to use beers to match with cheeses, fish and vegetable dishes.

Making beer [Photo credits: Birrificio del Forte (Lucca)]
Making beer [Photo credits: Birrificio del Forte (Lucca)]

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