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Cooking Schools in Tuscany

Schermata 2010-06-01 a 17.05.52 While in Tuscany, you can decide to get the hang of tuscan cooking (a great investment that you'll thank yourself for once you're back) thanks to the cooking schools that exist and that welcome hundreads of visitors with their numerous courses. There are many schools around the region, I chose amongst the most aknowledged and oldest.  There are courses to fit everybody's needs - lasting from an hour to a week, but also academic courses that last a semester or year. Take a look at their websites and at the pictures in Tuscanycious' gallery to decide and please feel free to suggest others that I might have forgotten! Good Tastes of Tuscany Cooking School in Italy Organic Cooking Course Toscan Mia Cooking classes in Tuscany An actual academy International School of Hospitality no Olive Garden Culinary Institute...