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Contemporary art… on the big screen!

In Autumn, for almost two months, Florence truly becomes a mecca for all  movie lovers: the “50 Days of International Film Festival” is comprised of  9 festivals, making it a veritable cinematographic marathon! From October 25 to December 14, are the Florence Queer Festival, the Balkan Florence Express, the River to River Florence Indian Film Festival and all the others, one after another. One of the appointments of the “50 Days” festival is “The Screen of the Arts" Film Festival (Lo Schermo dell’Arte): a festival dedicated to exploring, analyzing and promoting relations between contemporary art and cinema. It is a unique project in Italy. From November 21st to 25th, artists' film and documentaries on contemporary art will be presented, but there will also be meetings  with artists, events, workshops (such as VISO-European workshop on artists’ cinema), and art installations. This year’s schedule will bring to the big screen a mix of various sources and visual documents investigating  the Fukushima disaster (“The Radiant”); the story of a labyrinth in the sea created by the Spanish sculptress Cristina Iglesias (“Garden in the Sea”); un unusual selfportrait of Damien Hirst (“Damien Hirst: Thoughts, Work, Life”); the usually hidden complex organization process behind big modern and contemporary art shows (“Les forteresses de l’art”); the story of the exhibit, for the first time ever, of a work by Picasso in Ramallah (“Picasso in Palestine”); the French intellectual Marc Augè and his theories about “non places” in a movie about the effects of unfinished public work projects in the South of Italy (“Per troppo amore: Incompiuto siciliano”); the story of the never completed National Art Schools in Havana, Cuba (“Unfinished Spaces”), and a lot more. All films are shown in their original languages (with Italian subtitles). Home of The Screen of the Arts of Film Festival - as well as all of the other festivals - is the historic Odeon movie theatre, a work of art itself! INFO The Screen of the Arts of Film Festival November 21st - 25th Odeon FirenzePiazza Strozzi 1, Florence