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“Case della Memoria” in Tuscany

A look at famous residences

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Tuscany boasts numerous famous residences (called Case della Memoria) from Florence to Lucca to Arezzo and more. Florence houses a number of famous artist residences—especially from the Medieval and Renaissance periods. The city was also home to other interesting personalities from more modern times such as former minister Rodolfo Siviero, whose house was turned into a free museum, and the architect Giovanni Michelucci. Other famous residences include: Pascoli in Barga (Lucca); Mazzini in Pisa; Petrarch and Vasari in Arezzo; Pontormo and Busoni in Empoli; Puccini in Torre del Lago; Tintori in Prato; and Guerrazzi in Cecina. Centuries of history provide the backdrop for the habits and daily life of these painters, poets, intellectuals, composers, architects and more. The residences offer an educational glimpse into understanding these figures and are concrete examples of the close connection between Tuscany and famous individuals throughout the ages.
In all, there are 54 residences where famous individuals have spent part or all of their lives. The Case della memoria enrich the area’s already rich cultural patrimony.