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Photo ©Varda HB

Capraia Island and its unique Landscapes

From Porto Vecchio to Punta della Teglia

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The trail is the only one on Capraia that runs along the coast and grants a view of the spectacular Porto Vecchio, di Monte Capo, della Cala della Mortola e della Punta della Teglia. It is the only walking trail that leads to the Torre delle Barbici (1699).  The trail begins in the area of the former Porto Vecchio prison buildings above the creek of the same name. It ascends and descends along the coast but is high enough not to be too tiring. It intersects with the trail to Monte Capo that departs from the road for Punta del Dattero before continuing along. The steepest point brings walkers to the “Frane del Neri” where the sea goes from clear green to the deepest blue.

After a portion filled with thicker vegetation, we find the Torre delle Barbici, built in 1699. It is fascinating but in precarious structural condition. The area is frequented by a variety of birds and a noisy colony of Royal Mediterranean Seagulls. From the tower (best not to enter) visitors can reach the sea where they can have a nice swim. During the spring, the Teglia area is rich in sea lilies and Asfodelo.  You can either take the same trail back down by foot or opt for a water taxi (summer months only).