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From the sea to the hills, 8 destinations for the whole family

Camping in Tuscany: tips for nature lovers

Marta Mancini by Marta Mancini

Do you like nature? After seeing Into the Wild do you do nothing other than dream of travelling with a tent and sleeping under the stars? Well, you don’t need to go to extreme habitats like Alaska to feel the thrill of adventure. To enjoy the stillness, the green and the sounds that surround you, all it takes is coming to Tuscany and choosing to holiday in a campsite.

Do you wish you could be in a seaside campsite? Or perhaps you prefer being surrounded only by hills? In any case, we will certainly find your ideal scenery. In this post, we suggest 8 of them, as an initial prompt and inspiration, but you could satisfy your fancy and research with this link, where you will be directed to all Tuscan campsites.

San Rossore Nature Park
San Rossore Nature Park

If you want to wake up in the morning and immediately hear the noise of the waves breaking on the shore, one of the destinations we recommend is Massa. Here you find Camping Partaccia 2, which since 1973 has guaranteed vacations in complete relaxation among the green of the trees and the smell of the flowers. It is situated a few kilometres from the main cities of art and is therefore ideal for those that want to get to know this fine Tuscan corner.

On the Pisa coast, we instead find the Camping Village Saint Michel in Tirrenia. From here, you reach the sea by foot and, in just a few minutes by car, you can organise excursions to the San Rossore Nature Park.

Torre del Lago
Torre del Lago
Castiglione della Pescaia
Castiglione della Pescaia

The campsite Bosco Verde, instead, is situated near Viareggio, precisely in Torre del Lago. Those that want to tan can do so without a problem; those that love the mountains can also head towards the Apuan Alps for a walk, hike or horse ride. Bungalows are available with a bath and air conditioning, as well as spacious and shaded spaces for tents and campers.

The Pappasole in Piombino is a 4-star campsite, equipped with all services and comforts. Brick bungalows, maxi caravans and roulette can also be rented out onsite. For the more demanding customers, there are also small deluxe villas available, completely furnished with a veranda, lawn, TV and telephone.

We finish off our offerings of seaside campsites by suggesting Village Rocchette in Castiglione della Pescaia. It is situated in a landscape typical of the Mediterranean scrub, nearby a significant archaeological site and a breath-taking sea.

The town of Certaldo
The town of Certaldo - Credit: Fotoscana

For a sight of the traditional Tuscan countryside, we can’t not recommend the Panorama del Chianti in Certaldo. You will wake up every morning with a smile guaranteed. The same goes for Camping Falterona, located a short walk away from the Casentino National Park. The Casentino is a mystical destination and rich with history and charm; here you find the Camaldoli hermitage, the Sanctuary of La Verna and numerous Romanesque parish churches.

Lastly, Barco Reale is located in Lamporecchio, in the province of Pistoia. Situated in a forest on the hills of Montalbano, it is an ideal location to visit cities of art such as Florence, Lucca, Pisa and the small Vinci, the hometown of the genius Leonardo.