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Beyond the Leaning Tower: a spring itinerary in Pisa

Exploring flowers and a rich history in Pisa

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The event ‘Fior di Città’ transforms Pisa into an enormous flower-filled garden during the first three days of spring, coinciding with the Pisan New Year. Discover hidden corners of this wonderful Tuscan city, and explore more than just the famous piazza dei Miracoli. The itinerary starts in Porta Lucca, one of the historic gates of the medieval city.

Beyond the gate you’ll find Nero’s Baths on your left, which date back to 180 B.C. Take via Oberdan and go past some old tower houses along Borgo Largo and Borgo Stretto, before passing the fifteenth century Palazzo Tobler.

Heading towards piazza Garibaldi you will pass by numerous busts depicting the Granddukes of the area which decorate the façades of the buildings. Before crossing the bridge make sure to get an ice cream from De' Coltelli and take a tour of the historic cafè Ussero, where the First Scientific Congress met.

Passing through the arch you’ll come to Vicolo del Tidi where you can find Lumière, the oldest cinema in Italy, which now functions as a cultural centre. From here, cross the Ponte di Mezzo, the oldest bridge in the city and where the famous Gioco del Ponte takes place in June.

Continue along Pietro Toselli and you’ll come to Palazzo Blu, named for its blue façade. The entrance is on Lungarno Gambacorti. Head towards Giardino Scotto, the heart of the flower trade show, along via San Martino. On the right you’ll find Palazzo Tizzoni, with a statue of Kinzica on its façade, the young woman who gave the alarm when the Saracens arrived.

From here enter Giardino Scotto, located near the new Cittadella built by Florentines in 1468. Destroyed by Pisans, it was completely rebuilt using the designs of Giuliano da Sangallo. The itinerary ends with a walk along the river where the Palio remiero sull'Arno is celebrated every year, a competition between the four quarters of Pisa and one of the events held on Pisan New Year.