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Best Restaurants in Pistoia

“Vetrina Toscana” or Tuscan Window means 800 restaurants and 200 food producers have been selected by the Region of Tuscany to represent only the best of what the region has to offer in terms of food. Only the freshest produce of each area (where these restaurants are situated) are used in the menus sold…so it’s onl local and fresh food items and traditional dishes that you will eat if you choose one of these restaurants. Pistoia is a small jewel that needs to be uncovered although many will have heard of its famous and upcoming Blues Festival... A guide that will take you from restaurant to restaurant and the best workshops in the area, characterized by tradition and quality. These are the places that serve traditional local dishes that come from ancient recipes where the connection with the area and authenticity are the most important.  The DOC wines, DOP extra virgin olive oils, organic and traditional products are the main characters of the table. So while visiting Pistoia and it’s beauties keep in mind that in order to choose the best restaurant the Region of Tuscany has a selection of places thatare guaranteed. Choosing where to eat is one of toughest tasks while travelling and considering the amounts of restaurants you will come across I’m sure that this map might result very helpful. Remember to taste at least three products that belong to Pistoia and its province. One of these is the pecorino cheese that i have already mentioned on the slow food list of Tuscan presidia. Visualizza Vetrina Toscana Pistoia in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori