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Artists at work in marble quarry Cava delle Cervaiole

Here is a special occasion to see artists working directly in a marble quarry! Artists Inger Sannes (Norway) and Yemisi Wilson (Sweden) will be staying for the whole month of June 2010 inside the Cava delle Cervaiole (Forte Dei Marmi) and working on sculpture that you can go see, at appointed times, for the final two weeks of this period (until July 1). The whole project is also being filmed. Why is this interesting? Other than the opportunity to visit a sort of aritsts' workshop, the Cava delle Cervaiole is highly suggestive. It's 1200 meters above sea level! This area was known to Michelangelo, who appreciated the quality Carrara marble found there; the Grand Duke Cosimo I de'Medici ordered excavation to begin there in 1568. Working right where the marble is "born", and with an incredible view, is a quasi-religious experience for these Scandinavian artists who intend to continue their project next year with five other colleagues. cervaioleSpecial visits on these dates: Thursday June 17, Tuesday June 22, Thursday June 24, Tues June 29, Thursday July 1. Free bus departs at 14:30 from via Deposito, 269 Querceta (near Forte Dei Marmi). Minimum partipants 10, reservation required. Call 0584 761217 (from 8 am to 2pm) for reservations. [geo_mashup_map]