Parco archeologico  "Città del Tufo"

Ancient Necropolises and Tufo Civilisations

In the southern corner of Tuscany

There is a corner of Southern Tuscany where the core of the earth, moulded by ingenious hands, has chosen to reveal itself to the light of day; an area formed by “tufo”, a soft stone of volcanic origin. Sculpted into the rock, discerning, hidden underground passages, sumptuous tombs and picturesque caves, heroically resist, enveloped by age-old dense vegetation.

Meanwhile, lying caressed by the sea breeze are the remains of Populonia, the only Etruscan town situated on the coast, and the main centre for iron in the Mediterranean between the 6th and 4th centuries BC. Immersed in the silence of these places, we lose all reference of time and space, feeling as if the breath of those who went before us, thousands of years ago, were upon us.