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An APERITIVO… with an artistic twist!

Palazzo Davanzati MuseumYou probably already know what an “aperitivo” is. “Prendiamo un aperitivo” is a phrase you will hear a lot, also in Florence, where lasting recent years the aperitivo has become the preferred moment to meet friends, relax after the working day, socialize, talk, have a laugh… while drinking and eating a few appetizers before dinner (or, sometimes, for dinner!). Well, lately in Florence, the aperitivo hour has had a further twist, uniting with art and becoming “Aperitivo ad Arte”! After the huge success of this initiative at the Uffizi Gallery and Bargello Museum, is now the turn of the Museum of Palazzo Davanzati to open its doors and rooms to this event and its guests (and the drinks!). A wide entrance loggia leads into the picturesque courtyard of the Museum of Palazzo Davanzati, also known as the Museo dell’Antica Casa Fiorentina. This is the ancient fourteenth-century residence of the Davizzi family, wealthy merchants and bankers, and it was built around the mid-fourteenth century, through the incorporation of a number of tower-houses and other properties belonging to the family. The Davanzati family purchased the palace in 1578 and lived there up to 1838, the year of the tragic suicide of the last heir Carlo. In 1904 the Palazzo was purchased by the antiquarian Elia Volpi, who then opened it as the Museo dell’Antica Casa Fiorentina. Today, it is a state-owned and -run museum and is a good example of a medieval Florentine home: on each floor the rooms are laid out with an identical plan, with the Sala Madornale occupying the entire length of the facade, the drawing room, the study, the bedroom, and the domestic quarters. There is also a varied and interesting range of art collections: sculptures, paintings, furnishings, majolica and lace. Thanks to “Aperitivo ad Arte” event, visitors will have the chance to see the palace at night, during the museum’s regular closing time. However, they will also have the chance to attend a show by Compagnia delle Seggiole theater company, which will perform scenes from medieval life on each floor. So - for a night - you’ll be drinking a glass of wine, while walking through the rooms of an old Florentine palace, in the company of characters from the Davizzi and Davanzati ages… buon aperitivo! INFO Palazzo Davanzati Via Porta Rossa 13, Firenze “Aperitivo ad Arte” From November 16th, 2012, to February 1st, 2013 Each Friday, 7-10.30 pm (except December 28th and January 4th) Entrance: 15 € Museum Monday-Sunday 8.15am-1.50pm Closed on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month and on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Monday of the month. Entrance: 2 € Note: the areas that can be visited are the ground-floor loggia and the first floor (Salone Madornale, Sala dei Pappagalli, Studiolo, Camera dei Pavoni and the two rooms displaying lace). Access to the second floor (Salone Madornale, Camera da letto della Castellana di Vergy, Studiolo, Sala da Pranzo) and the third floor (Kitchen and Camera delle impannate) is organised for accompanied group visits, on request and by appointment, at 10am, 11am and noon on the normal opening days.