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Accommodation in Tuscany: 5 reasons to rent a villa

A recent research published by a prominent brand of the real estate market said that there is a relevant growing demand of luxury villas in central Italy and particularly in Tuscany. A proof of this is that a new luxury villa in Tuscany of over 850 square meters overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and the beautiful lagoon of Orbetello was put on sale at a price of just over 2 million euros! Of course, only a few will be able to afford a house like that, but we have a solution: you can rent one for your holidays!
Villas with pool in tuscany
Villas with pool in tuscany

Why should you rent a holiday villa in Tuscany?

Here are 5 reasons:

1. VIP loves Tuscan villas

Many well-known showbiz personalities decide to take refuge in the splendour of the countryside and the green hills of Tuscany. The singer Sting is just one of the VIP interested in buying villas in Tuscany: the former voice of the Police, in fact, is the owner of superb estate residences located in the heart of the Valdarno area. According to The Telegraph, good business sense and commercial initiatives led Sting to offer the possibility to harvest the Palagio (one of his villas), in the hills around Florence, at the cost of 250 euro per day and reside there.

2. Less expensive than you expect

Unlike what you'd expect, holiday villas are often cheap. How is it possible? The advice is to go with friends and divide the costs. It is also a good solution for families because renting a villa can offer greater flexibility. Among other things, choosing to rent a villa in Tuscany for your Italian stay will take you to be even more "social": you can invite your friends and party with less restriction!

3. Dream locations

Villas in Tuscany are often located in dream locations. Just think about endless vineyards, hills as far as the eye can see, green, no traffic, no noise, few people… this dream can come true!
Tuscan villa with swimming pool [Photo Credits: Conan]
Tuscan villa with swimming pool [Photo Credits: Conan]

4. Freedom and privacy

If you don’t like to respect scheduled dining times, having breakfast from 7 to 9 am and swimming with thousands of people you can rent a villa and cook what you want and when you want, have a swimming pool and sometimes a tennis court on your own and have the proper privacy a relaxing holiday deserves.
[Photo Credits: Kinzica Sorrenti]
[Photo Credits: Kinzica Sorrenti]

5. Feel like a local

Renting a villa in Tuscany let you feel like a local: you can have Italian neighbors and talk with them, cook Italian food, do the shopping at the grocery. Moreover many of the villas in Tuscany can be rented with really interesting services for a few Euros more: tourist guides, shuttle services, babysitting in villa, cooking classes or Italian language courses, in-house chef, car rental and much more. Renting a holiday villas in Tuscany means fun, flexibility and unique accommodation solutions that will be part of the travel story! --------------------------------- Guest post by Petra Di Cento Tuscany Lover, SEO specialist and villa-tourism addicted… especially to villas in Tuscany!