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Abbadia San Salvatore: enchanted Mount Amiata

Close your eyes and imagine a place that has remained unchanged over the years. A small mountain town where beauty is everywhere and the air smells of a thousand scents. The sweetish notes of jasmine and lime, mixed with kitchen spices and burning wood, make the atmosphere absolutely magical. This is Abbadia San Salvatore, named after the abbey of the same name. An enchanting and fascinating village on the slopes of Mount Amiata and indisputable proof that the mountains in Tuscany have a lot to offer, during the summer too.

abbadia san salvatore monte amiata If all the natural and scenic qualities of this place weren't enough, July is a great time to get to know this borough, thanks to the "Offerta dei Censi" (Offer of the Tributes), the historical re-enactment of the ancient practice of bringing to the abbey a third of the profits obtained in exchange for the granting of the "Mercato Sabbatico”.


Knights, old taverns, dancers and artisans invade the town’s streets and take residents and tourists right back into the Middle Ages. One of the highlights of the festival is the banquet in the abbey’s cloister on Saturday night – a spectacular opportunity to dive into the past, with dishes and delicacies combined with games and shows, just as they did at the time. Abbadia San Salvatore A trip to Abbadia San Salvatore does not mean contemplating the life of former times, but living it fully. It is an experience, a beautiful experience to be enjoyed. Credits: Original article by Roberta Ristori – “Diari di Viaggio”  blog, part of the Social Media Network of Tuscany