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Parco Faunistico Monte Amiata, Arcidosso
Photo ©Flavia Cori

Monte Amiata in autumn: a corner of paradise

A couple of amazing photos of Monte Amiata by Giacomo Clementi

Giacomo Clementi lives in the Marche, a central region of Italy, but every autumn he comes back to Tuscany, especially in the places that stole his heart. One of them is Monte Amiata with its thick forests with tall beeches. He was 13 when he came here for the first time and from that moment, Giacomo started to come back every year to “recharge his batteries”, spending here some tranquil days, breathing natural fragrances and taking some photographs. Everything is magic here: the rustling of leaves under your feet, that unmistakable smell of damp earth, the wind, the picturesque paths where time seems to stop. Enjoy the gallery!

In Amiata, beauty is all around: after a nice walk in the woods you realize that beauty is also upon us, with the tops of the trees changing colour from green to yellow and then turning red. Sometimens the forest is shrouded in mist, which makes the place even more magical and suspended in time. The rays of sun are barely able to peek through the leaves and the streams that dry during summer, come back to life in rainy days, all in a perfect harmony.