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Florence's Duomo Cupola

7 world records in Tuscany

Italy’s most famous region boasts top rankings of all kinds

Brunelleschi and his dome

Florence's Duomo
Florence's Duomo

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Leaning tower of Pisa
Leaning tower of Pisa - Credit: Keith H

Teatrino di Vetriano

Teatro di Vetriano
Teatro di Vetriano - Credit: Toscana Film Commission

World’s longest porchetta


Abolishment of capital punishment

Family of Grand Duke Peter Leopold
Family of Grand Duke Peter Leopold

World’s first geothermal plant

Geothermal activity in Larderello
Geothermal activity in Larderello - Credit: Musei Val di Cecina

Suspension bridge over the River Lima

- Credit: Filippo Brancoli
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