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Salone dei 500 in Palazzo Vecchio
Photo ©Gary Ullah

5 unusual itineraries to discover Florence and Tuscany

Explore our beautiful Tuscany from a new and original point of view

Palazzo Vecchio through the eyes of Dan Brown

Palazzo Vecchio
Palazzo Vecchio - Credit: Marco

Solve a crime

- Credit: Roberta Ristori

Mix great food and a good dose of adventure

Quad Toscana
Quad Toscana - Credit: M needs a doctor

Sail the Arno river

- Credit: Florence and Tuscany Tours

Travel in a carriage

Carriage in Florence
Carriage in Florence - Credit: Giuseppe Moscato
Art and Culture
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Art and Culture
Tuscany is the cradle of the Renaissance and known all over the world for its immense artistic and cultural heritage.  continue...
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