19 Day Spa and Thermal Establishments in Tuscany

Fonteverde [Photo Credits: Fonteverde Website http://ow.ly/hqD4a]
Fonteverde [Photo Credits: Fonteverde Website http://ow.ly/hqD4a]
Tuscany is a perfect place to relax: there are many thermal establishments where you can have a day (or a week) of total pleasure. Have fun! Visualizza Day Spa in Tuscany in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori
  1. Gambassi

    Thermal Establishment and Wellness Center "Acqua Salsa di Pillo" Piazza G. Di Vittorio, 1 Gambassi Terme - FI Tel. 0571/638141 - Fax. 0571/639268 www.termedigambassi.it info@termedigambassi.it
  2. Saturnia

    Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort Saturnia Manciano - GR Tel. 0564/600111 – fax. 0564/600863 www.termedisaturnia.it info@termedisaturnia.it Open: all year Water temperature: 37°C The pool park of the Terme di Saturnia Park is a relaxing corner with four thermal water pools, falls, Jacuzzi,vascular courses having both warm and cold water, a Spa Boutique that caters for all health & beauty purchase and a Spa Cafe. The thermal water, at the costant temperature of 37°, allow people to have bath all year round.
  3. Sorano

    Antiche Terme Acqua di Sorano Località S.Maria dell'Aquila Sorano - GR Tel. 0564/633306 - Fax 0564/632028 www.termedisorano.it info@termedisorano.it Open: all year Water temperature: 37°C Thermal waters are composed of magnesium, calcium and zinc and flow out at the temperature of 37,5 degrees celsius and have therapeutic uses in artroreumatic Vascular and dermatological affections through bathing and mud therapy. The thermal Spring The spring then, has therapeutic properties known since the old days, besides being especially indicated for the prevention of the above physical problems it is indicated for relaxing bathes in the unique splendour of the Terme di Sorano Village. The residence is furnish also with a complete spa service where qualified personnel is taking care of all The requests and needs of their guests.
  4. San Giovanni Isola d' Elba

    Terme di San Giovanni dell'Elba Loc. S. Giovanni Portoferraio - LI Tel. 0565/914680 – fax. 0565/918791 www.termelbane.com info@termelbane.com Open: April 1st - October 30th The Spa practices Thalassotherapy, a type of treatment that offers all the many benefits the sea can offer through its water, mud, seaweeds and marine plants
  5. Venturina Calidario

    Calidario Terme Etrusche Via del Bottaccio, 40 Venturina - LI Tel. 0565/851504 - Fax. 0565/858595 www.calidario.it calidario@calidario.it Open: all year Water temperature: 36°C Calidario is a lake with a natural hot spring with a natural water temperature of 36° which flows directly into the baths/lake at approx 12,000 litres a minute. You can reach both the lake and the waterfalls internally and directly from the heated changing rooms. A spring, which today more than ever, offers the benefits of the water and the vapours for your wellbeing. A trip back in time to when the Etruscans came for the baths and massages in a unique and fascinating environment, a place where today you can find harmony and wellbeing.
  6. Bagni di Lucca

    Terme Bagni di Lucca Piazza San Martino, 11 Bagni di Lucca - LU Tel. 0583/87221 – fax 0583/808224 www.termebagnidilucca.it terme@termebagnidilucca.it Water temperature: 40-45°C The Thermal Spa at Bagni di Lucca is part of the thermal complex of Jean Varraud and Casa Boccella, which offers classical thermal cures and treatments, and the Centro Ouida, which offers treatments and programs specifically geared toward thermal wellbeing. The natural vapors of two grottoes, the Grotta Grandale and the Grotta Paolina, lend the spa its unique character, the latter taking it name from Napoleon’s sister, a frequent visitor of the baths. The temperatures range from 40-45°C and are ideal for skin cures, arthropathy, relaxation and cleansing.
  7. Versilia

    Villa Undulna Viale Marina,1 Cinquale di Montignoso - MS Tel: 0585/807788/807255 Fax: 0585/807791 www.termedellaversilia.com hotel@villaundulna.com Originated in the saline deposits of the Tyrrenian Sea during the formation of the Apuo Versiliese shore, a mineral water rich in sodium, bromine and iodine salts springs from a 90 m Deep well in the middle of the park. This water has received the name of Undulna, in honour of poet D’Annunzio. The particular salt-bromo-iodic composition of the water makes it especially indicated for the treatment of arthrorheumatic, vascular and dermatological complaints, besides being very active either in the treatment of localized adiposities or of cellulite. The therapeutic peat - a very particular mud from Massaciuccoli Lake famous for the Italian composer Giacomo Puccini - must added to the water. The peat, a unique pelloid, has its origin in the millenarian transformation that vegetal deposit have undergone during the formation of the lake. Several studies have demonstrated the therapeutic validity of the peat which, mixed with the thermal waters, is used for baths, full body or local applications or for facial masks, as well as being indicated for the care of skin diseases such as psoriasis, acne, seborrhoic dermatitis, cellulite, etc. Besides, the peat contributes to the recovery of the smoothness and elasticity of the skin, and stimulates the activation of the micro circle with draining and tonic action. Read more: The spa at Versilia:well-being near the sea
  8. Equi Terme

    Terme di Equi Via Equi, 32 Equi Terme - MS Tel. 0585/283900282 www.termediequi.it Open: All Year Water temperature: 17°C - 27°C
  9. San Carlo

    Terme di San Carlo Via dei Colli, 92 Loc. San Carlo Terme Massa - MS Tel 0585/47703 www.termedisancarlo.it info@termedisancarlo.it Open: May 15th - October 15th
  10. Bagni di Casciana

    Bagni di Casciana Piazza Garibaldi, 9 Casciana Terme - PI Tel. 0587/64461 - Fax 0587/644629 www.termedicasciana.it info@termedicasciana.it Water temperature: 35°C Acqua Mathelda, the thermal water used at Casciana Terme since ancient times, has in recent years seen its applications extended to modern rehabilitation therapies, cardiovascular and respiratory treatment, in the improvement of the digestive functions and their treatment, because its natural, relaxing action enables patients to regain their functional equilibrium and the enjoyment of pleasures they had lost.
  11. Bagni di Pisa

    Bagni di Pisa Largo Shelley, 18 San Giuliano Terme - PI Tel. 050/88501 – fax. 050/8850401 www.bagnidipisa.com info@bagnidipisa.com Open: all year Water temperature: 38°C Well known to the ancient Etruscans and the Romans, the thermal waters of Bagni di Pisa, which leave the spring at 38°C, are rich in sulphate-calcium-magnesium. The main feature of the waters is the high concentration of magnesium which acts on the organism helping relaxation and the digestive system whilst giving new energy.
  12. Monsummano Terme

    Grotta Giusti via Grotta Giusti, 1411 Monsummano Terme - PT Tel. 0572/90771 – Fax. 0572/9077200 www.grottagiustispa.com info@grottagiustispa.com Open: all year Grotta Giusti benefits from its very own thermal grotta, a fascinating natural cave with a hot water underground lake in which guests can enjoy a relaxing and detoxifying steam bath. In addition to the steam baths, the Spa offers mud therapy, ozonised baths in thermal water, massages, inhalation treatment, a new area for Oriental Disciplines, a gym center , an avant garde Aesthetic Medicine Centre and a spacious relaxation zone. The new open-air thermal swimming pool, a high-tech facility measuring 750 sq. m., with a large and spectacular waterfall and underwater hydromassage in spa water
  13. Montecatini

    Terme di Montecatini Viale Verdi, 63 Montecatini Terme - PT Tel. 0572/7781 www.termemontecatini.it info@termemontecatini.it The Waters of Montecatini belong to the salt-sulphated water type, being mostly constituted by sodium and magnesium sulphates and chlorides. They also contain iodine, bromine, lithium, calcium, potassium, silicon, phosphates and sulphur. The waters used for our hydropinic therapy are divided as follows : Strong waters: Leopoldina (fixed residue at 180° C : 21g / l) Medium waters : Regina (fixed residue 17-18 g /l) Weak waters : Rinfresco e Tettuccio (fixed residue 4.9-7.5 g/l ) The waters used for baths, mud treatments, thermal showers, hydro-massages, inhalations are the following: Leopoldina (slightly sulphureous: fixed residue 21g /l ) Rinfresco (fixed residue 4.9 g/l )
  14. San Filippo

    Terme San Filippo Via San Filippo 23 Bagni San Filippo - SI Tel. 0577/872982 – fax. 0577/872684 www.termesanfilippo.it info@termesanfilippo.it Open: May - October Water Temperature: 48°C Terme San Filippo waters, rich in sulphur and calcium, with natural mud, are used in the spa resort for the hydrotherapy, mud and bath therapy, inhalations, aerosol and ionised or sonic aerosol, and atomised nose shower to treat the following diseases: Osteo-neuro joint diseases; Ear-nose-throat diseases; Respiratory apparatus diseases; Skin diseases
  15. Chianciano

    Terme di Chianciano Via delle Rose 12 Chianciano Terme - SI Tel. 0578/68111 – 848/800243 www.termechianciano.it info@termechianciano.it Open: all year Water Temperature: 16,5°C - 38,5°C In Terme di Chianciano, within the thermal parks of Fucoli and Acqua Santa, flow beneficial waters for the liver and gastro-intestinal tract. The spa, in agreement with the NHS, offers mineral water treatment with Acqua Santa and bath and mud treatments for the liver in Terme Sillene where, also in accordance with the NHS, arthro-rheumatic baths and muds are available. The Health Centre hosts the Inhalation Centre, the Analysis Laboratory and the Sport Medicine Health Centre. Terme Sillene also comprises a Physiokinesitherapy Centre for rehabilitation, coordinated by specialists in collaboration with professional rehabilitation therapists.
  16. Montepulciano

    Terme di Montepulciano Località Sant'Albino - Via delle Terme 46 Montepulciano - SI Tel. 0578/7911 - Fax 0578/799149 www.termemontepulciano.it info@termemontepulciano.it
  17. Rapolano (Querciolaia)

    Terme Antica Querciolaia Via Trieste, 22 Rapolano Terme - SI Tel. 0577/724091 – fax. 0577/725470 www.termeaq.it infoterme@termeaq.it Open: All Year Water Temperature: 25°C - 39°C Action on the osteoarthritis system (immersion): regulates muscle tone; reduces muscle tension; analgesic; anti-inflammatory; acts on various points of localized chronic arthrosis. Action on the skin (immersion): anti-inflammatory; astringent; keratoplastic and keratolytic; Action on the respiratory tract (inhalation): rophic, specific and non-specific; mucolytic and anti-inflammatory. The presence of algae in the water constitutes one of the active principles of the thermal waters themselves. Their presence is the most concrete proof that these thermal waters are not treated with disinfectants because, given the substantial quantity of water that issues from the springs, water turnover is continuous.
  18. Rapolano (San Giovanni)

    San Giovanni Terme Rapolano Via Terme San Giovanni, 52 Rapolano Terme - SI Tel. 0577/724030 - Fax. 0577/724053 www.termesangiovanni.it info@termesangiovanni.it Water temperature: 39°C Water is mainly composed of sulphur, providing their distinctive odour, and calcium bicarbonate. Combined with the high temperatures of the spa water, these two components provide healing properties that are particularly effective in treating skin problems, as well as the motor and respiratory systems. In addition to the feeling of relaxation and comfort that bathing in these springs provides, it also has a cosmetic effect on the skin, improving its appearance and fighting against conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. As for the motor system, these hot spring water helps relieve muscle stiffness and enhance tissue elasticity.
  19. San Casciano dei Bagni

    Fonteverde Natural spa Resort Località terme 1 San Casciano dei Bagni - SI Tel. 0578/57241 - Fax 0578/572200 www.fonteverdespa.com info@fonteverdespa.com Open: all year Water temperature: 42° C Warm Pools, whirlpool, thermal water circuits, massages, twin spa, fitness, face treatments, body treatments, treatments of the scalp and more.
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