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Lemon and Basil gelato
Photo ©Luca Marchiori

Which refreshing flavor would you choose?

Top 5 most refreshing gelato flavors

#5 Arancia rossa (blood orange)

Arancia Rossa (Blood Orange)
Arancia Rossa (Blood Orange) - Credit: Luca Marchiori

#4 Anguria (watermelon)

Anguria (Watermelon)
Anguria (Watermelon) - Credit: Luca Marchiori

#3 Maracujá (passion fruit)

Maracujá (Passion Fruit)
Maracujá (Passion Fruit) - Credit: Luca Marchiori

#2 Pompelmo rosa (pink grapefruit)

Pompelmo rosa (Pink Grapefruit)
Pompelmo rosa (Pink Grapefruit) - Credit: Luca Marchiori

#1 Limone e basilico (lemon and basil)

Limone e basilico (Lemon and Basil)
Limone e basilico (Lemon and Basil) - Credit: Luca Marchiori

Gelato al limone e basilico - Lemon and basil icecream

Lemon and Basil gelato
Lemon and Basil gelato - Credit: Luca Marchiori
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