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Meat and fish

White Central Apennine Steer - Vitellone Bianco

Try this high-quality beef from central Italy

Meat and fish
The name (Vitellone Bianco) is used to refer to three breeds of cattle: Chianina, Marchigiana and Romagnola that are highly similar and are bred in the same area.
The quality of the beef produced is directly related to the quality of these breeds of cattle, the way they are farmed and what they eat. The farming methods used with these cattle are similar to the traditional methods, where the cattle are partly left to feed freely in the pastures and partly fattened using man-made cattle feed.

The meat produced is bright red in colour and has an elastic consistency. It is famous for being very succulent and for being rich in nutrients. It has these characteristics thanks to the cattle’s strict feeding regime.


Beef from the central Apennines is great barbequed, with just a drop of oil added at the end of the cooking time. This meat is really nutritious and has high protein and iron levels and a low fat content.  
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