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Cheese and cold cuts

Valtiberina, cheeses

Abbucciato Aretino and Caprino cheeses are all local specialities

Cheese and cold cuts
Valtiberia cheeses are a specific variety of products with certain organic and nutritive characteristics, certain flavours and aromas and made according to one of several traditional methods.
They are usually made from cow and sheep’s milk, although producers have recently begun to rediscover goat’s milk for making Caprino cheese.
They owe their distinct flavour and aroma to the uncontaminated pastures of the region and the traditional breeding methods used by farmers.
The most typical local cheeses are soft and mature pecorino, ricotta, the much sought after Raveggiolo and the extremely soft Latte Cagliato. Highly esteemed Abbucciato Aretino cheese is also produced in Valtiberina. This cheese is made from unpasteurised milk following a traditional method.
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