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Il Tizzone di Giustagnana
Cheese and cold cuts

Tizzone di Giustagnana

Its secret lies in the aging process

Cheese and cold cuts

This soft mortadella is made from a mixture of lean, high quality meats (especially pork shoulder). Lard is also added to the mixture, in addition to spices and flavors. Its size varies depending on the casing used; the Tizzone can either be round (1.5 kg) or classic (800 grams). The Tizzone’s uniqueness is due to the special nature of its aging process. Ashes—the most ancient aging agent available—are used during this process. Thus, the aging process is prolonged to three to four months, whereas classic methods never go beyond two. Thanks to this procedure, the Tizzone remains soft which makes it a truly delicious salami. The ash used during ageing is obtained from four different types of wood. It is then scented, by burning bay leaves and rosemary. The color of this mortadella is obviously reminiscent of a dark wood-burning fire. Its ‘purely Versilian’ name, ‘Tizzone’ means ‘embers’.
Article by the Comunità Montana dell’Alta Versilia