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Meat and fish

The Lady of San Rossore

Pisan cattle, reared within the parkland, have been a mainstay of local cuisine for over five centuries

Meat and fish

If you’re visiting the San Rossore Regional Park between Pisa and Lucca then you might happen upon a breed of cattle that’s made this area its home for since the sixteenth century. It’s called the ‘mucca pisana’, or Pisan Cow, recognizable by its dark brown coat and reddish strip along its back. This cow is a cross breed of the local Podolica cattle, the Chianina and the Bruno Alpino breeds and it lives in a semi-wild state. Its delicious meat is protected by serious Park rules which govern breeding methods and what the cattle eat. The meat has a particular flavour, it’s quite tender and red, especially in the younger cattle. Typical dishes include pisana al pepe (with pepper).