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Salamini Italiani alla cacciatora

Salamini Italiani alla cacciatora DOP

Italian small salamis ‘alla cacciatora’ (hunter style) DOP

Different types of small salamis are produced all over Tuscany and throughout central and northern Italy. In fact, these small salamis have been produced here for centuries, since the Longobard invasions. In the past, as today, they were made from pork and had the advantage of keeping over long periods of time. Their name comes from the fact that historically, hunters would take these small and easy to carry salamis with them as they hunted.

They are known as ‘cacciatori’ or ‘cacciatorini’ and are usually dry, compact and ruby red in colour. They usually contain tiny pieces of lard which are evenly distributed throughout the salami. The meat used to make them usually comes from the lean muscular pork meat which is then put in skins and tied with string.

Small salami alla cacciatore are perfect for modern cooking as they keep well and are easy to eat. They are often served as a starter with other kinds of salami or cheeses and accompanied by a glass of red wine.