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Cheese and cold cuts

Raviggiolo del Mugello cheese

Soft Raveggiolo cheese is produced in the mountainous area between Tuscany and Romagna.

Cheese and cold cuts
Raviggiolo (or raveggiolo del Mugello)is a soft, fresh cheese. It is round and has an intense white colouring. It is made from cow’s milk and is one of the most important traditional products made in the Mugello area.
The pasteurised milk is mixed with salt and curd which helps it to set. The cheese is shaped into cylinders and left in fridges at 4 degrees centigrade. Within 24 hours the cheese is ready to be sold. Raviggiolo is ideal to be used in cakes, filling for ravioli or can be eatenon its own as a starter with a dash of extra virgin olive oil.
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A land of artists, shaped with care and cultivated with love: this is the beloved Mugello of course! Surrounded by oak and chestnut trees and defended by the Apennines, the typical gracefulness of the Tuscan landscape can be seen everywhere ...
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