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La Torta di pepe di Camaiore
Fruit, vegetables and desserts

Pepper tart from Camaiore

A handy recipe for a homemade tart

Fruit, vegetables and desserts
Pepper tart is made from spicy rice, which is typical in the area around Camaiore. Like most traditional local dishes, each family has their own recipe. Generally, the recipe requires 300g of rice which has been boiled and mixed with a slice of bread previously soaked to soften it. It also requires a ball of pre-cooked beet greens, chopped parsley, pepper, pecorino cheese or grated parmisan and 2 eggs. To make the tart, mix the ingredients well and make some savoury short crust pastry. Butter a cake tin, line it with the pastry and fill it with the mix. Fold the edges of the pastry over the mix and then bake. This pepper tart is usually made around Easter time, both in restaurants, bakeries and at home. It is typical to Camaiore and only found locally at Easter time.