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Bread, pasta and legumes

Panigacci flat bread from Podenzana

These Lunigiana flat breads are made according to an ancient recipe and are best tasted with either pesto or salami

Bread, pasta and legumes
Panigaccio flat bread from Podenzana is the typical bread from the Lunigiana area. It’s round and flat and is cooked on special terracotta plates called ‘testi’ which are placed directly in the fire. The bread is made from flour, water and salt and the dough is simply placed between these ‘testi’ plates, one alternating the other, to form a pile. Depending on how long they are cooked, they can be either soft or crispy. Panigacci should be eaten with either pesto, salami or soft cheese like stracchino. Some restaurants in Lunigiana serve a sweet variety of the panigacci bread which they serve warm and covered with chocolate spread at the end of the meal.

The history of this type of flat bread goes back a long way. They in fact originate from the village of Podenzana where today a group of restaurant owners have got together to make sure that the antique recipe for this simple bread stays the same. During the Second World War, when the Germans destroyed the bridge that connected Podenzana with the rest of area, the local inhabitants survived by eating panigacci breads made from acorn and chestnut flour.
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The far edge of Tuscany, the Lunigiana is a historic region between Liguria and Tuscany. Nestled between valleys that open at the foot of two mountain chains, the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and the Apuan Alps, it’s long been a transit territory ...
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