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Wine, olive oil and honey

Olive oil from Versilia

Extra virgin olive oil from Versilia is one the few oils in Italy to have the Controlled Denomination of Origin quality certification

Wine, olive oil and honey

Extra virgin oil which has less than one degree of acidity comes from local oil mills within the protected area of Lucca, one of the capitals in the world for the production of oil. Visitors to the area should sample farro (spelt) soup from Garfagnana dressed with newly pressed oil - maybe oil that comes from a centuries old farm in Massarosa, for example. It only takes a drop of Versilia oil to enhance a simple but splendid seafood salad with fish caught off our shores. The easiest and best way to try local extra virgin olive oil, perhaps from Massarosa, Seravezza, Camaiore or Pietrasanta, is with ‘fettunta’. Take some unsalted Tuscan bread, toast it and pour a little oil on top. Some people prefer to enrich this dish by rubbing garlic on the bread and others prefer an even richer version with tomato, oil and salt. Either way, fettunta is an excellent example of simple, delicious Tuscan cuisine using great ingredients.

Source. www.aptversilia.it


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Golden beaches, an inland dotted with small villages and nature reserves waiting to be explored, a moderate climate and a nightlife full of performances and entertainment: this is the Versilia, a stretch of coastline that extends for 20 ...
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