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La mortadella di Prato
Cheese and cold cuts

Mortadella of Cardoso

Alta Versilia makes top-notch cold-cut

Cheese and cold cuts

The origin of this unique variety of cured meat dates back to the historic traditions of Versilia. It is produced in three different shapes. It can be oval (12 cm long, with a diameter of 15 cm) or have a small cylindrical shape, (25-30 cm long, with a diameter of 5 cm) or a large cylindrical shape, (45 cm long, with a diameter of 8-10 cm).

This mortadella is obtained by grinding together fat and lean pork meat. Salt, spices, wild herbs and a mixture of garlic, rosemary, thyme, fennel are then added. Next, it goes through an eight-day curing process where the meat is dried. After this period, you can either eat it or hang it up to age for another 10 months. Seasonal herbs found in the Alta Versilia area make this salami particularly tasty.
Article by the Comunità Montana dell’Alta Versilia


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