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Wine, olive oil and honey

Montecucco: a wine with a unique flavour

This DOC wine is produced in Mount Amiata

Wine, olive oil and honey
The vineyards which produce Montecucco wine grow in soil characterised by lava sediments left behind from ancient eruptions of the now dormant Mount Amiata.
The soil is full of minerals which are transferred to the vines and which, along with the area’s hot summers and medium rain fall in the winter months make it an ideal area ideal for cultivating grapes. The conditions lead to a good harvest even in bad years.
Montecucco wine is produced in an area which stretches from the slopes of Mount Amiata to the Maremma. The heart of the Montecucco producing area is Cinigiano. The southern Tuscan towns where this wine is made are Cinigiano, Civitella Paganico, Campagnatico, Castel del Piano, Arcidosso, Seggiano and Roccalbegna, all part of the province of Grosseto.

Montecucco can be either red of white wine. The red variety goes perfectly with cheeses, cold cuts and salamis.

The Sangiovese goes well with red meat, roast dishes, game and mature cheeses. The white and the Vermentino varieties are great with soups, starters and fish.
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