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Fruit, vegetables and desserts

‘Hunchback’ at the dinner table

Cardoons are local specialty

Fruit, vegetables and desserts

Among the vegetables that are linked to the history of the Val di Cornia, the cardoon is widely used in local culinary traditions. This variety of cardoon—otherwise known as the ‘Gobbo’ (Hunchback) of Val di Cornia—is one of the most typical vegetables that grows in the valley. Its edible part is bright white and has a rather bitter taste. The cardoon is usually planted at the beginning of August, in fields that have been previously worked. Its harvest takes place between October and December. During this process, farmers carry out careful visual inspections to detect the presence of mold or other problems. In regards to its cultivation, we can mention that this variety has seeds that tend to self-produce. This factor allows farmers to preserve this species organic qualities.


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