Farro della Garfagnana IGP

An ingredient with a thousand uses

Farro is the most ancient of the cereal types which have survived to the present day. Changing eating habits and the abandonment of foods which are considered "poor" as we adopt newer varieties of grain mean that the areas dedicated to growing these grains are shrinking consistently. This trend began as early as the end of the 1800s, but in Garfagnana the production of farro has continued and has grown steadily since their local product became commercial. The production is advantaged by the hillside location of the fields and the cold climate. Today, this cereal plays an important role in the local economy, with between 80 and 90 companies involved in its production.

The product
A cereal with a grain-like form with off-white striping. Planted in autumn and harvested the following summer.

At the table
Used in flavourful and traditional recipes from the Garfagnana region it has become a central part of Lucchese cooking. Healthy, filling and a great source of energy which is easy to digest. Farro is especially good in savoury tarts and pies but it is most often used as an ingredient in soups and stews. The flour is used to make the typical Garfagnana bread with its unmistakeable taste and texture.