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La bistecca chianina
Meat and fish

Chianina cows, one of the oldest breeds in the world

Valtiberina area is home to several farms that breed this prestigious animal

Meat and fish


It’s common to see herds of Chianina cows grazing across the Valtiberina hillsides. This sought after breed is particularly popular in the area between Pieve Santo Stefano, Badia Tedalda and Sestino.
It is one of the oldest and most important breeds of cow in Italy which has adapted to the hilly landscape of the Valtiberina area.
The herds live undisturbed in the open air from May to November when they are moved back into cowsheds. This kind of life guarantees well-flavoured meat which is rich in nutrients. The famous ‘fiorentina steak’ is made exclusively from Chianina meat and should be thick but tender. This delicious meat is also used in stews. Chianini meat carries the I.G.T. quality certification.

Source: www.stradasaporivaltiberina.it


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