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Cheese and cold cuts

Camaiore Mortadella

Camaiore Mortadella salami is made throughout the Versilia region and it is characterised by its dark colour and soft consistency

Cheese and cold cuts

Camaiore Mortadella has a spicy flavour and aroma. Specific lean cuts of pork are used to make it and spices and natural flavourings such as salt, pepper, fennel seeds, cinnamon and cloves are added. The meat is minced and mixed with pieces of fat before being stuffed into a natural skin (usually made from pig gut) and tied tightly. The salami must be left in a well-aired place for 1 week and then left to season for a further period of time - how long depends on how much it weighs. It is produced all year round. It is still made today from choice cuts of meat and according to ancient traditions which guarantee both its quality and distinctive flavour.

Source: Comunità Montana Alta Versilia

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