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Guancia del maiale
Meat and fish

A soft pork pâté from San Miniato

This product is unique in Tuscany and is still produced today according to the original 1920s recipe

Meat and fish
Spuma di Gota di San Miniato is made by flavouring pig’s cheek and chopping it until it becomes soft and spongy. It is ideal melted on hot toasted bread as a starter. Similar to pâté, it is a typical dish in the Pisan town of San Miniato. The original 1920s recipe calls for salt, bay leaves, and garlic to be added to the pork. The mixture must be left to chill in the fridge for around a week and then left to mature in a cellar for at least five months. At this point the meat is finely chopped with a knife, then ground with a pestle and mortar and more aromatic herbs are added. It is produced between September and May.

Spuma di gota di San Miniato is recognised by Slow Food.
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