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September in Valtiberina: a month of events exploring the territory

From the polenta festival to the Palio della Balestra, and the Autobiography Festival to the Fiera del Ranco

From August 31 until September 10, the Palio della Balestra is celebrated in Sansepolcro. Festivities begin on Thursday, August 31 with an offering of ashes in the Cathedral, and a propitiatory open-air dinner of neighborhoods in the town square. On Friday, September 1, the Sala del Consiglio Comunale will host the presentation of the Drappellone del Palio della Balestra 2017 (a special victory banner), designed and carried out this year by Enzo di Franco. On Wednesday, September 6 at 9pm, the Palio dei Rioni Porta Romana and Porta Fiorentina (a faceoff between the namesake neighborhoods) will take place in the piazza Torre di Berta. On Thursday, September 7 from 8.30pm, a propitiatory Palio concert will take place in the Cathedral, with the participation of the mezzosoprano Chiara Chialli and the maestro Roberto Tofi. On Saturday, September 9 at 11am, the inauguration of the Sant’Egidio Market will take place, followed by a parade of flag throwers through the town center at 6.30pm. 8pm forward means gastronomic delights and at 9pm the Giochi di Bandiera (Flag Games), organized by the Gruppo Sbandieratori di Sansepolcro, will take place in piazza Torre di Berta. From 9pm, a production of Donatella Zanchi’s “La fantesca che beffò il padrone” will be performed in the Comun cloister, put on by the Compagnia del Teatro Popolare di Sansepolcro. Sunday, September 10 is “game day” for the Palio della Balestra 2017. At 11am, the historic court will make their way through the town streets from Araldo; at noon, the investiture of the “Maestro di Campo” on the steps of the Palazzo Pubblico; at 4pm, the Ceremony and Palio match in piazza Torre di Berta; at 7pm, the historic court’s parade; at 8pm, a gastronomic dinner by the Società Rionale Porta Romana (historic district) in the Giardino di Piero; and at 9pm a Palio party. From September 15 to 17, the 33rd edition of the Pieve Saverio Tutino Prize comes to Pieve Santo Stefano. “Diritto di memoria” (“The right to memory”) is the unifying theme of the men’s and women’s testimonies conserved in the Archive of the Pieve Santo Stefano, and celebrated on this occasion. From September 15 to 17 the Polenta Festival returns to Monterchi. The event, organized by the Pro Loco, is not to be missed for foodies, and anyone with a nostalgic side for old traditions—namely, good food, simple and prepared as it was in bygone eras. In previous years, the festival took place in the historic center’s highest part (and definitely its most evocative). In recent years, mainly due to practical issues, the stands have been moved to piazza del Mercatale. During the festival days, Monterchi is incredibly lively, everyone busy in their various roles—and visitors can breathe in the air of a time that was, and always will be, beautiful to remember. From September 29 to October 1 in Ponte Presale, a fraction of the town of Sestino, in a beautiful Appenine setting, the “Fiera del Ranco” ritual will return. This is a national exhibition of Chianina livestock, and will take place over three days in the zootechnical center of “S. Datti.” Livestock associations Apaar (Associazione Provinciale Aretina Allevatori d’Arezzo) and Anabic (Associazione Nazionale Allevatori Bovini Italiani Carne) are behind the event organization, with valued contributions from the Tuscan Region, the Province, the Unione Montana dei Comuni della Valtiberina Toscana and the towns of Badia Tedalda and, primarily, Sestino.
From 07 September
to 30 September 2017
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