Paisajes Inquietantes exhibition

Works by Luis Ibañez (Spain)

On October 14 at 9.30pm, the Luis Ibañez exhibition “Paisajes inquietantes” will open, and will run until November 22. “Often, the world that surrounds us is filled with representations of fears and anxieties that come from deep down within us. If we would stop to observe them attentively, and open our minds, we could see them better. The current state of routines and of societal chaos are unsettling landscapes that reveal themselves to be “postcards of solitude.” Sometimes they’re fears of the present; other times they’re ghosts of the past. Each one of these works demands that the spectator puts him or herself in front of it, forgetting the image at hand and instead leaving space for personal feelings to grow.” Luis Ibañez was born in the Spanish region of La Mancha, the well-known territory where the story of Don Quixote (perhaps the most famous literary character on the whole planet) took place. Ibañez’s work seeks to stir feelings and emotions in the viewer, with the ultimate aim of personal and social improvement. The type of feeling isn’t necessarily as important as the very stimulation itself.
From 14 Oct 2017 
to 22 Nov 2017
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