'Congetture isomorfe' by Francesco Zavattari on display in Pisa

Works by the young Lucchese artist are on display at the Museo degli Strumenti per il Calcolo (Museum of Computing Machinery)

The artist Francesco Zavattari, from Lucca, has decided to undertake a new artistic experiment after exhibiting his pieces all around the globe: tackling the world of mathematics. The result is Congetture isomorfe, a series of works on display from June 10 to October 16 in Pisa. Themes such as the Poincaré conjecture, Fermat's Last Theorem, Gödel's second incompleteness theorem and the Riemann hypothesis were examined and re-elaborated by the artist is an unusual way through forms, lines and a lot of colour. The choice to use the Museo degli Strumenti per il Calcolo as the first stop in this new artistic experience comes from Zavattari’s desire to display his art in a setting that is isolated from the usual exhibition channels but which is strictly tied to the key themes; pictorial works and large-scale installations will blend with the museum’s rich collection of machinery.
From 12 June
to 16 October 2017
Via Bonanno Pisano, 2/B