Bound by a Girdle

Our Lady of the Assumption by Bernardo Daddi and the identity of a city

A religious and civic symbol, heart of the artistic experiences of Prato and cornerstone of its identity: the Holy Girdle, the belt of the Virgin kept in the Cathedral, which for centuries was the most precious treasure of Prato, isthe focus of the new exhibition at Palazzo Pretorio Museum. A theme, that of Prato relic, which allows to turn an intense beam of light on an age of great prosperity for Prato, the fourteenth century, starting from commissions to first order artists like the sculptor Giovanni Pisano and the painter Bernardo Daddi, who gave resonance to the Marian devotion in Prato as a true civic worship. The exhibition is inspired by that precious symbol of undeniable identity value, to weave the threads of a story about the city and its rich heritage of culture and beauty, which is guarded on the territory and recognizable beyond the local borders.
From 08 Sep 2017 
to 25 Feb 2018
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