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Stay Well in Tuscany

More frequently we observe an outbreaking of strong stressful conditions that compromise many of our physical and mental functions; each organ is involved and many of our diseases often cannot be successfully cured because the mental and physical conditions of “weariness” persists.The itinerary want to verify the general health conditions of the patient, trying to mitigate muscle tensions and giving advices for a right life style, to be followed even during our everyday tasks / work. The itinerary includes: - Consultation with a Naturopath; - Blood test at fasting time at Terme di Chianciano, general check-up; - ECG at UPMC - Institute for Health in Chianciano Terme - 2 50’ shatsu Massages and 2 35‘watsu Massages - Meal menù combined with the itinerary and suggested by Prof. Sorrentino - Hydropinic Cure with Acqua Santa water every morning at fasting time plus Sant’Elena water at meal time; • 3 admission at Sensory Spa and 3 admission at Thermal Pools Theia; - 2 walking tour in the “Wellness Itinerary” e 2 light workouts sessions; - Medical conversation for the itinerary reinforcement and for the Acqua Santa prescription. Price from € 999,00 per person The itinerary includes 6 overnight stays in 4* Hotel with dinner included; lunch included at Sensory Spa and Thermal Pools Theia. PROF. SORRENTINO LAST BOOK AND A PRODUCT FROM TERME DI CHIANCIANO COSMETIC LINE FOR FREE
Chianciano Terme
Chianciano Terme map
From 22 February 2017
to 30 November 2017
Consorzio Chianciasi
Consorzio Chianciasi
P.IVA: 01379890526
Largo Siena, 3 int 4, 53042
Chianciano Terme
0578 64943