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Hands in the dough

Discover the Monte Pisano through the old professions

The ancient alchemy of making bread is to rediscover the beauty and nobility of simple things: water, flour, salt and yeast. A workshop with organic flour and yeast in the house of a family farm to learn how to make the basic human food: the bread. From the house, with a spectacular view of the valley of Pisa, you can go for walks to discover the ancient Romanesque churches and fortifications, in the company of donkeys.
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Monte Pisano | San Giuliano Terme
Monte Pisano | San Giuliano Terme map
From 01 January 2017
to 31 December 2017
DMC Montepisano di Timesis srl
DMC Montepisano
P.IVA: 01164510503
Largo Shelley, 22
San Giuliano Terme