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Pietra serena workmanship

This kind of stone is used in a lot of restoration work as well as in regular building


The first architect to use grey-blue pietra serena stone in his constructions was Filippo Brunelleschi. It was used to build columns, cornices, archways and porches, both inside and outside and was a valid alternative to pietra forte stone. Pietra serena was quarried from the hills of Fiesole, Monte Ceceri, Maiano and Settignano, both by Brunelleschi and the many Tuscan architects that came after him. The quarries near Fiesole are now closed although this stone is still quarried today in the Mugello region, in particular near Firenzuola.

In Firenzuola constructors and artisans continue to use pietra serena in building and restoration work. Recently, experiments have been done into using this stone also in design and furnishings. The results have been extremely interesting. There is also a museum in Firenzuola which examines the uses, history and traditional workmanship of pietra serena. The museum is under the town’s fortress. Furthermore, each year in October there is an exhibition of all the stone working artisans and large pietra serena industries.

Source: APT Firenze