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Wrought Iron

Spotlighting a young artist for the Amiata area

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Massimiliano Piccini is the youngest artisan of the Amiata area. For a period of time, he worked as a laborer in Amiata Marmi and Bagni San Filippo. A certified professional welder, he decided to look for a life change. Like many local artisans before him, Piccini decided to escape from the city and rediscover a way of life linked to the traditional lifestyles that are currently disappearing. Despite his young age, Massimiliano dreamed of creating art. ‘When we create art, we truly create things in our own image and likeness, moldings materials so that they can become a vehicle to whatever it is we carry within ourselves. An object that I create must always make people feel comfortable so that they will be willing to take it home and live with it.’

Massimiliano chose to work with fire; he is dedicated to iron work—but not as the blacksmith of the village intent on producing purely practical objects. He aims to become a solo artist, capable of expressing his desires and dreams thanks to this unique medium. Mirò is Massimiliano’s role model, that is why he has created a noteworthy series of iron works inspired by this artist. His other works are inspired by the likes of Picasso and Modigliani. His workshop is a source of dynamic invention—almost like a nineteenth century bottega that showcases emerging talent.