Wicker baskets from the banks of the Tiber

Ancient craft renowned throughout the world


Along the road to Viaio, going toward the Tiber, you will notice a country-side school located in the midst of cultivated fields. Here, a family of craftsmen continue upholding local traditions by teaching students how to work the wicker collected along the river. The products they produce are then sold at the market, located beyond the town of Anghiari. Flowing water and the weaving process itself make wicker stems very thin and elastic, so that experts can create amazing baskets or wicker chairs. Given the demand for these manufactured goods, wicker is also cultivated on plantations. Harvested in February, it is then placed in a water bath for about two months and then husked. Once dried, the wicker is bound until the weavers are ready to begin the weaving process. Those who choose Anghiari as a vacation spot won’t want to miss a trip to view many of the local artisans who work in the area.

A medieval walled town immersed in the splendid landscape of the Tiber Valley
"Anghiari is a place that reveals its own enchantment only by degrees, and even then, only to the traveller who wants to explore and use their own eyes", wrote Harold Donaldson Eberlein, crossing the Upper Tiber Valley in 1929. Nothing could be truer, because Anghiari, like the rest of Tuscany, is a place to discover. ...